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Как подключить к компьютеру планшет? Многие из пользователей, еще не знают, через WiFi или USB. Причем. На блоге вы найдете статьи по настройке и оптимизации компьютера, ноутбука. Установите драйвера USBDTT для Windows 7, XP, 10, 8 и или скачайте программу DriverPack Solution для автоматической установки драйверовOperating System: Windows XP, 7, 8, , 10 (X64, X86). Ищите где скачать драйвера, у нас самый большой каталог драйверов для всех видов устройств, всех их можно скачать и обновить бесплатно, без регистрации и смс, также поможем вам их правильно установить. Замена sim-карты Смена абонентского номера Смена тарифного плана Переоформление договора на другое лицо Ежемесячная детализация счёта Ежемесячный счёт Добровольная блокировка номера.

Версия iOS v3. Требуется iOS 8. Это приложение оптимизировано для работы на iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus. Версия Android v3. Требуется Android 4. These switches are called the S1 and S2 switches. More information about these modes can be found in the user manual.

Beginners should keep this switch in the uppermost position P-Mode when flying. The S2 switch can be used to trigger Return to Home. When flying, simply toggle this switch up and down several times to tell your Phantom 3 Standard to return to the Home Point and land.

The app will detect which aircraft is connected and automatically adjust accordingly. A compass error may occur when the aircraft is flying close to strong electric magnetic sources e.

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The Aircraft Status Indicators will blink red and yellow rapidly when a compass error occurs and the DJI GO app will display one of the following messages: - Compass error, calibration required This warning message indicates the aircraft is receiving abnormal compass readings. It is recommended that you power off the aircraft and re-calibrate the compass at a different location and then resume the flight.

Bring the aircraft to a higher altitude to acquire connections with enough GPS satellites when this warning message appears. The flight controller will automatically adjust the orientation of the aircraft in the midair to mitigate the drifts.

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The aircraft will switch back to P-GPS mode when the automatic adjustment is completed. Портативный дрон Mavic Air оснащен камерой с 3-осевым стабилизатором, способной снимать видео 4K в любом приключении. Серия Spark Мини-дрон с автоматическими режимами полета Spark. Серия Osmo Драгоценные воспоминания в плавных видео от Osmo. Сравнение любительских дронов Сравнение стабилизаторов Osmо. Shot on DJI. Short Film.

DJI Pro.

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Сельское хозяйство. Общественная безопасность. Сравнение дронов серии Agras MG.

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  • Полетные контроллеры Точность и надежность A3 N3. Разработчикам Комплекты для сборки дронов Matrice Manifold Guidance. Техподдержка Мы всегда готовы помочь.

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    Сервисный центр Комплексное послепродажное обслуживание Repair Process Inquiry. Больше возможностей Руководства для управления устройствами Безопасность полета Советы по полетам Гарантийное Обслуживание.

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    Перейти к оформлению заказа. Войти Регистрация. Летательный аппарат Масса с аккумулятором и пропеллерами г Размер по диагонали без пропеллеров 35 см Макс. Больше видео. You expressly agree that your use of, or inability to use the firmware is at your sole risk. FAQ 1. The Phantom 3 Standard is the most streamlined addition to the Phantom 3 series.

    The Phantom 3 Professional also has a 4K camera. First power on your remote controller and Phantom 3 Standard. Details can be found in the user manual.

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    The camera that comes with the Phantom 3 Standard is permanently attached. Attempting to remove, replace, or modify the camera may damage the product and will void your warranty.

    The signal transmission distance will vary depending on environmental conditions and local regulations, but the Phantom 3 Standard can reach distances of up to 0.

    You can then select your clips and a template, which are automatically combined to create a short film that can be shared immediately. By default, the remote controller is set to Mode 2. This means that the right control stick controls the movement of the aircraft and the left control stick controls the throttle and orientation of the aircraft.

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    This is only recommended for advanced users. The Phantom 3 series uses a newly designed Intelligent Flight Battery with greater power. The Phantom 3 has a 4 cell battery with a capacity of mAh and a voltage of This is normal. After you attempt to power off the Intelligent Flight Battery, it may remain on for a few seconds as any video data is saved to the Micro SD card.

    This helps prevent your data from being lost or corrupted. No, there is no need to buy a separate remote controller. Your Phantom 3 Standard comes with a custom-built remote controller that is already linked to the aircraft. The included Remote Controller can be used to control both the aircraft and the gimbal tilt at the same time. Flight time will vary depending on environmental conditions and usage patterns, but the Intelligent Flight Battery is designed to provide up to 25 minutes of uninterrupted flight time when fully charged.

    Do not remove the Micro SD card from the camera. If it has been removed, place it back in the camera. Turn on the Phantom 3 Standard and wait approximately 30 seconds as the video file is restored. You may need to adjust the settings of your mobile device. If the GO app has not been granted access to your albums, the photos and videos cannot be synchronized. Hover the aircraft over a flat, level surface. Slowly pull the throttle stick down until the aircraft touches the ground.

    Every Intelligent Flight Battery is tested prior to being packaged and shipped.

    This affects the discharge time of a new battery and is the reason that the discharge time displayed in the GO app is not zero. The battery is safe to use. Phantom 3 Standard больше не производится. Для получения информации о последних технологиях DJI обратитесь к приведенным ниже рекомендациям. Mavic Air Портативный дрон Mavic Air оснащен камерой с 3-осевым стабилизатором, способной снимать видео 4K в любом приключении.